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  1. My Millie is doing something strange. I will be sewing along, doing great with no problems, then it will suddenly vroom and race the needle and break the thread. Then it works fine again for an hour or so. Any ideas?
  2. Anyone Have Some Extra Valium

    Somebody named Cindy in Missouri won. Congrats. Better luck to the rest of us next time.
  3. Clamshells or baptist fans would look wonderful on this unique quilt
  4. There are several classes being offered that are for free motion and ruler work on DSM. Also, there will be vendors of all kinds there. And, the show itself will be stunning. I always take close up photos of specific quilting designs I want to come home and try.
  5. Who is going this year? and what classes are you taking?
  6. Thank God that this was discovered and the surgery took care of it. I will prayer for continued health for you.
  7. Sampler qui;t

    LOVE IT!
  8. My Galaxy Star(updated with closeup of quilting design)

    Very pretty. I wouldn't have patience to piece that one
  9. Custom Quilting Attempt

    Very nice. I love your ribbon candy.
  10. Award at IHQS 2016

    Congratulations. It is a neat looking quilt. Nice quilting
  11. MQX entry

    I wish I could go. If she calls and tells me it has won a prize, I might try to get a day off work and drive up.
  12. Foam core and blocking a quilt

    I got a piece of insulation board from Lowes. I think it was less than $20. I soak my quilt, then pin it to the board with LOTS of pins.
  13. MQX entry

    The back is solid black with black thread. The quilting stitches don't really show up, but the texture is amazing. It is wool over cotton, so there is lots of definition.
  14. MQX entry

    I have a quilt going to New England in tomorrow's mail. I hope I win a ribbon.
  15. Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.