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  1. The spools just pulled right off and I rubbed the rest of glue off the stand. ( like rubber cement) I thought about using poster putty, but couldn't find any so resorted to the glue.
  2. I am finishing a quilt and in order to get the right color for the accents I used two threads. Don't have a duel cone holder so used small spools of Mettler's poly sheen, used fabric tack glue and attached to cone holder. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone!
  3. It is beautiful! I had a quilting friend recently die and it is hard not to call and ask her advice. What a very special tribute.
  4. I'm with Jennifer. Do an open side to side movement following the fabric. This will enhance the background fabric. Match your thread to the background and it will blend in and give texture.
  5. You might be doing everything right and your cone of thread was bad. Glad it's done.
  6. That is so scary! I almost fell for a delinquent tax scam. Then remembered you must receive written notice then called my accountant. ( brother in law )
  7. As always, your quilting surpasses my wildest dreams!
  8. From what I understand: 1- the bliss is steel and doesn't oxidize like the others. You can wipe them with alcohol it won't hurt. 2- The black wheels that are on the bliss, do not use alcohol on. It will dry them out. I use a brush and q tip to clean them. 3- Yes, clean the edge of the carriage with left over batting with alcohol. You will see black come off onto your batting. I roll the machine all the way forward and clean, then back and wipe. Hope this helps and if not right others please chime in so I can learn.
  9. This is the finished quilt. Did feathers in the house areas, then straight lined below to match the borders.
  10. Wonderful quilting. I love all the negative space!
  11. Congrats, nothing better to do when it's cold outside.
  12. I was just going to do a background fill. It is a little curl filler. I was thinking last night about changing and doing all the stars and outer ring with CCs then mctavishing or teardrops ,cross hatching in background. And channel in the outer border. This is one I did she liked . Wanted hers quilted like it. Fine then had those house shapes.
  13. Wow, and I have trouble with a 12 block sampler. You are amazing!
  14. Thanks Linda, would you cc the triangles in the outer "star points" also. Would you devide the triangles again to make the areas smaller? The blocks are 7 1/2". That's a lot less quilting than what would be in the other areas. Don't quite know how to explain.