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  1. When I was at MQX last week, one of the APQS reps said she saw Dawn Cavanaugh demonstrate how to use the Millie to do couching. Dawn, if you see this message, could you explain how you do this and what foot you used? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a customer requesting variegated thread showing on the backing. I don't have any variegated thread in my stash so need recommendations as to what thread would be serve this process. Thank you.
  3. Beautiful quilting. Your customer is lucky she had you quilt for her.
  4. I have used the red snappers for about 3 years and love them. I am not sure what sagging Ines is experiencing. I have a Millie and have the red snappers on the entire length of the leaders.
  5. I use the SR for ruler work only. I have an intelliquilter and you don't use the SR when stitching computerized designs. I DO NOT use SR for free motion work. I tend to stitch a bit faster than the SR and feel its holds me back with free motion work. Char
  6. Beautiful quilting job. Your customer is one lucky person in owning this quilt.
  7. I use the size of the block many times to determine the size of the quilting. I don't want the size of the quilting the same size as the block. I either make it smaller than the block size or larger. It just depends on the size of the prints. For a larger print, a larger pattern, etc.
  8. I am including photos here. You can see the machine, Intelliquilter attached to the machine, front laser light and red snappers. There is a photo showing the fabric advance motor and a photo showing some of the accessories and instructions that are included in the sale. The accessories also include the Hartley ruler base and two rulers.
  9. I have a 2005 Millie with a 12"table for sale. It also comes with an Intelliquilter. I am asking $18,000 which be more than you want to spend. I am not willing to separate them but you could consider purchasing both and then reselling the Intelliquilter. I live in central Illinois. Charlene
  10. Your quilt sounds quite familiar to a quilt I did. Every block was heavily embroidered and was stabilized with something that made the whole quilt top quite stiff. I used my usually Superior So Fine #50, bottom line bobbin thread and a size 4.0 or 4.5 needle. It quilted much nicer than I thought it would. Usually you just have to jump in and give it a try to see what size needle works.
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