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  1. When I was at MQX last week, one of the APQS reps said she saw Dawn Cavanaugh demonstrate how to use the Millie to do couching. Dawn, if you see this message, could you explain how you do this and what foot you used? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a customer requesting variegated thread showing on the backing. I don't have any variegated thread in my stash so need recommendations as to what thread would be serve this process. Thank you.
  3. Beautiful quilting. Your customer is lucky she had you quilt for her.
  4. I have used the red snappers for about 3 years and love them. I am not sure what sagging Ines is experiencing. I have a Millie and have the red snappers on the entire length of the leaders.
  5. I use the SR for ruler work only. I have an intelliquilter and you don't use the SR when stitching computerized designs. I DO NOT use SR for free motion work. I tend to stitch a bit faster than the SR and feel its holds me back with free motion work. Char
  6. Beautiful quilting job. Your customer is one lucky person in owning this quilt.
  7. I use the size of the block many times to determine the size of the quilting. I don't want the size of the quilting the same size as the block. I either make it smaller than the block size or larger. It just depends on the size of the prints. For a larger print, a larger pattern, etc.
  8. I am including photos here. You can see the machine, Intelliquilter attached to the machine, front laser light and red snappers. There is a photo showing the fabric advance motor and a photo showing some of the accessories and instructions that are included in the sale. The accessories also include the Hartley ruler base and two rulers.
  9. I have a 2005 Millie with a 12"table for sale. It also comes with an Intelliquilter. I am asking $18,000 which be more than you want to spend. I am not willing to separate them but you could consider purchasing both and then reselling the Intelliquilter. I live in central Illinois. Charlene
  10. Your quilt sounds quite familiar to a quilt I did. Every block was heavily embroidered and was stabilized with something that made the whole quilt top quite stiff. I used my usually Superior So Fine #50, bottom line bobbin thread and a size 4.0 or 4.5 needle. It quilted much nicer than I thought it would. Usually you just have to jump in and give it a try to see what size needle works.
  11. You should be able to go either direction and not notice any difference in your stitches. There are other brands that had difficulty going right to left, but I have no problems.
  12. I have a 2005 Millenium on a 12 ft. table equipped with an Intelliquilter. I am asking $18,000 and am located in Central Illinois. I have reduced the price to $17,050. In addition to the options the factory equipped the Millenium, I have added red snappers, automatic fabric rolling system, new leaders and hydraulic lift. I am including spools of Superior thread and prewound bobbins to get you started. The Intelliquilter comes with hundreds of designs, many of which have been purchased since I bought the system. I have all the designs cataloged on my computer and a file will be included with the designs. I have many instruction manuals on using the Millenium, a maintenance book and manuals on using the different features on the Intelliquilter. The buyer will be responsible for taking down the machine and arranging their own shipping. A four hour instruction class on using the system will be provided at sellers location if requested.
  13. I am a bit late in responding to this question so I hope you are still looking at messages. I have a longarm business and have had my longarm for 12 years. Over the last year or so, I see more and more of my customers buying machines to do their own quilts. I still have enough business to pay my bills but could be busier. Personally I would be cautious in looking at your area right now. Join several quilt guilds and see how many of the quilts shown at show n tell and at quilt shows are done by the piecer and how many are done by quilters. Try to talk to some of the longarmers in your area to see how busy they are. The girls that do the fancy custom quilts for hundreds of dollars have long waiting lists. I can't afford to do those quilts and make most of my money doing some light custom and edge to edges. Three years ago I purchased the Intelliquilter robotic system and have been extremely happy with it and my customers appreciate getting those designs without an additional charge. If you can, see if there is a rental longarm system in your area before purchasing it so you can make sure you like it. Best wishes, Charlene
  14. you might also want to check your table overlay and see if it is aligned correctly. Good luck
  15. Kathy, Your friend will be blessed with this quilt. You did a beautiful job and the back is as pretty as the front.
  16. What a beautiful job. I love the fills you did. Your customer should be more than thrilled.
  17. My mom said she made quilts for us when we were younger but I don't remember ever having one. Later in my mom's life, she made quilts for all my siblings and all the grandchildren, but never made me one. She said because knew I made quilts, she thought she could never make one as nice for me. Her quilts were beautiful. I would have loved to have a quilt from her. I do have one quilt that we both worked on. I did all the applique and quilting, but she did hours and hours of hand silk embroidery on it. It is a quilt that I will always treasure in remembrance of her.
  18. I, like Lisa, first used zippers. I now use red snappers attached to a piece of muslin that has 1/2 zipper on the other end of the muslin. This way if I need to quickly change out a quilt, I can just unzip. I use the red snappers on the backing top and bottom.
  19. Thank you for all the photos. It looks like a real organized, functional space. Really liked your ironing surface
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