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  1. Thank you! I got the joints back in alignment easily by loosening the hex nut just underneath and then retightening. A drop of oil fixed the awful squeak! APQS said to use WD-40.
  2. I have a 2019 Millie and my Auto Advance is getting really squeaky when I use it. Does it or the rail need to be lubricated? Also, I just noticed that two of my ball joints for the rail shafts are crooked, the pick up roller and the quilt top roller on the right side. Is this going to cause a problem? All of the other ball joints are straight.
  3. It could be poor quality fabric or over handling when it comes to fabric edges. I mostly use Free Spirit fabrics when I want to use prints. I've noticed more and more rolling of the fabric threads described above. This happens with the newer prints, not the older ones. I remember the owner of that fabric company mentioning a switch to laser printed fabric. Perhaps this is why? I would love to know that answer because they are probably not the only ones to switch to laser printing. Once I washed the quilt, the white underside of the fabric threads did not show. Could be a problem for show quilt
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