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Squeaky Auto Advance & crooked rail hardware

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I have a 2019 Millie and my Auto Advance is getting really squeaky when I use it. Does it or the rail need to be lubricated?

Also, I just noticed that two of my ball joints for the rail shafts are crooked, the pick up roller and the quilt top roller on the right side.  Is this going to cause a problem? All of the other ball joints are straight. 




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I would email the above picture to APQS, and then call them in the morning.  The upper joint (I think it is actually a bearing) looks like it is not fully seated together.  APQS can give you the best method to fix.

If you have to quilt tonight, I do not believe it would cause any issues to used sparingly.

Tell us what APQS tells you.  Best of luck with your repair.


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