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  1. I dew quilting

    Clothesline Quilt

    Great idea. Love your tulips
  2. I dew quilting

    Quilted Vintage Table Linen

    Love vintage pieces. Beautiful
  3. Wish I could see your quilts in person but you're a little far away. Loved the tour. Congrats!
  4. I dew quilting

    yikes FLANGES on a quilt

    Great idea for the quilting.
  5. I dew quilting

    and another . . . Kim Diehl Late Bloomers

    I love this pattern and your quilting. Beautiful.
  6. This is a customer quilt that I recently finished. It has been delivered so I can share The top is about 40 years old. She loves vintage pieces. The top is 74X90, with a lot of open space. She didn't want any quilting on the face or arms but said do whatever I wanted with feathers and pebbles. Had fun quilting this one. All quilting is freehand on my Millie. 2 layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top, SoFine thread. Sorry can only load one picture
  7. I dew quilting

    Dance of the Dragonflys

    I've made one of these but have not had time to quilt it. Love how you quilted it.
  8. My quilt "When the Stars Come Out" took 1st place in the large pieced category. It is a Judy Martin pattern, Wedding Bands.
  9. I dew quilting

    First time entering in a NJS

    Love, love the elephant.
  10. I received Inktense pencils at Christmas but have not used them yet. Beautiful work.
  11. I dew quilting

    Reproduction wall hangings

    Beautiful. Love them. I have a soft spot for baskets.
  12. I dew quilting

    Dance of the Dragonflys

    I have one of these to quilt. You did an outstanding job, just beautiful.
  13. I dew quilting

    Judy Niemeyer Japanese Fan

    WOW! Beautiful, you know I love those colors, but your quilting makes this quilt gorgeous.
  14. Made a wall hanging for my office. Started making this last year but didn't get it finished before the season ended. It's 39x39. Two layers of batting, Glide thread.