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  1. Nice feathers. You didn't waste any time getting up to speed! Can't wait to see what's next.
  2. I agree with the watery e2e on the first one and feathers and swirls on the third. I see a daisy floral all over on the middle one.
  3. Madison is lucky to have you in her life Heidi. It's been a long story. I'm glad to hear it's taken a happy turn.
  4. This is the first I'm seeing of these. I'm curious to hear what others have experienced with them.
  5. Wow, love the modern quilting. I never know what to do for modern, thanks for the ideas. It's beautiful.
  6. Very nice quilts Dell. I like the seashells too. I've got a couple of beach ufo's .... someday I'll use that panto!
  7. Fabulous! I have a few whole cloth projects waiting to happen....this inspires me to pull one out and just do it! Thank you for sharing.
  8. Shirley, that's a lovely quilt. It looks stunning on the grass!
  9. I had tiny stitches recently. I was quitling with puffly wool batting. I didn't want to interrupt that quilt, so I finished it before troubleshooting. I believe that my hopping foot was set to low for the puffy batting. When I put a practice piece on with flat batting, the stitches were back to normal length.
  10. Oma, congratulations! You will be so pleased with Bliss....it makes a world of difference in handling and control. Cagey, if the two piece hopping foot for George is the same as the interchangeable hopping foot on Millie, you should reconsider your decision. I got the interchangeable hopping feet a couple of years ago and I just love them. I have so much better visibility with the open toe feet that it really makes a big difference in my quilting. It is worth the money and effort to install!
  11. Well, darn. My class on Thursday starts at 5:30. I'll miss the Pizza dinner. I'll keep my eye out for familiar faces at the show.
  12. I wear a different strength of reading glasses for long arm and sewing than for reading. My eye doctor said that's fine. it's because the distance to the quilt is further than where I normally hold a book to read. I had lasik about 10 years ago to correct my distance vision, knowing that I would progress into reading glasses. I've never regretted the lasiks, it's miraculous.
  13. I'm in a class at 6:30. I'll try to be there early to meet anyone who's around. I'll have a friend with me, she quilts on an Innova with IQ. :-))))
  14. Very pretty Linda. Thank you for sharing your thought process. I took an eye candy excursion in your flicker account WOW.
  15. I think all of your feathers are beautiful! You should be very pleased with your work. I'd guess you spent some time drawing and doodling before you stitched this? It's wonderful. Regarding stitch length, and chiming in with Valerie....I've found that shorter stitches make prettier curves. When I'm struggling to make pebbles or small feathers, I'll shorten my stitch length. I'll also draw the feathers if necessary to make them look pretty. It's much more fun to free motion without drawing though. Registration marks are an excellent idea and always worth the effort. Try not to
  16. I'll be there! Hope to run into all of you....should we pick a meeting time and place?
  17. Gentle hug and lots of prayers! Hope it's good news. Take a nap.
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