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  1. It is true that all sorts of sewing has taken major 'hits' over the last .... 80 years or so... ever since the Industrial Revolution and then outsourcing to other countries to keep the costs of domestic goods down. Even fabric is not usually made in the US, or just about anything else even related to the sewing industry - whether it be quilting, garment construction, embroidery, what have you. Even cotton is too expensive, for the most part to even be grown in the US. When people in 3rd world countries are getting paid to make clothing for less than $1.00 per day - how can 'we complain' t
  2. Hi Pat! I do embroidery, but alas do have a new machine. I totallly love it! As a suggestion - include your location and brand of machine - does warranty carry? contact your dealer, about possibly selling back to them. It might take some doing... Best of luck
  3. I second the motion Penny! Gorgeous gorgeous looking quilt -- send more pics
  4. Since this week seems to be calmer than last week, I am hoping to get on 'down south' (Colorado that is) to check out the long arm shops :cool: Now... I am off to do some quilting
  5. Lovin it! Nice work and very attractive pattern/block :cool:
  6. I spoke to someone today that did have it broken down. Just as you say - price of materials ( fabric, batting, thread, etc) Then the price for the time to piece Time for quilting - I would think depending on level of expertise Most of her's were consignment pieces I hope this helps:cool:
  7. Yikes! How big of an SUV? the cost of freight in my guessitmates are ++ $1200 easily to Colorado from East Coast areas
  8. This 'interested' party is also seriously considering it! I just wanted to ask about possible shipping costs and ... I think I saw you have power fabric advance? Just as a curiosity...where overseas are you moving to??
  9. Thank you so much Linda, Libby, Laura, Lucy, Kristina! Great information, and it is such a hard decision for me. I love to quilt and seem to 'stradle the line' on ... jump in with both feet OR dabble dabble dabble with a lower priced set up and see if I like it enough to then cannonball into the deep end of the pool. I have always (except this issue) felt that the more competent machine, the greater joy & success I would have with sewing. I think the amount of space, and the daunting cost really make me more cautious with this subject. AND the fact there is only a very small HQ
  10. Do you have any ideas on possible shipping costs?? This is about the age of machine I am considering - Bliss?? dare I ask...
  11. I see that, hoping for something a little closer to home for the moment..