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  1. The batting bar is table specific. I have the Deluxe table and the instructions and bar would be the same. To order the batting bar, contact APQS. Amy Bouchard Cascading Quilts cascadingquilts.com 2018 Lucey on 12" Deluxe Bliss table with IQ
  2. Yes, I have Airplane mode on and wifi off etc... it is only used for Quilt Path. I have called them again and am being told they are working on getting it faster. Hopefully I will get used to it. I've had the other 2 computer systems and they were fast, so this will slow down my production time immensely. I based my decision off of the videos on line which make it look fast. Wish there would have been a dealer or show nearby to actually test on it first. I was asked to do a review/comparison article, but I need to hold off on that for a bit. Just hoping they get it going faster sooner than later.
  3. I am an experience quilter who has owned IntelliQuilter, and Pro-Stitcher previously. I now own an APQS Lucey with Quilt Path (2 weeks new) and am finding that the tablet is running extremely slow while in Quilt Path. The tablet has been checked for updates etc... It seems to take forever to go from one step to the next. I usually get the message of "Quilt Path not responding". It then freezes up until I hit the red X to quite everything. I have called "The Grace Company" and it hasn't seem to get any better. They said that it was a problem with the patterns I purchase. I have never had any issues with any patterns I have ever purchased. Please comment if you have any other ideas I could try. I haven't even gotten a quilt started yet due to these issues. Thank you, Amy
  4. Yes very easy. I have owned a Gammill and a HandiQuilter and this (my APQS Lucey) is by far my favorite!
  5. I received and assembled my new APQS Lucey w/Quilt Path and had ordered the optional batting bar. It did not come with any instructions, so I made some up for anyone else who may run into this.
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