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  1. It's perfect. What size is it? What company built it for you? I love the picture with the dramatic looking sky.
  2. Hi All! Ginkgo ($40) and the Square Spiral ($55) are the only items left:)
  3. Curved cross hatch is sold. Everything else is still available:)
  4. Debbie, send me an email telling me which one you would like. My email is Thanks! Lori, I sent you an email:)
  5. I have some Circle Lord templates for sale. I am asking half off of the retail price plus whatever shipping is. They are: Curved Cross-hatch $60; 17” Sunburst $60; Aztec $40; Mini Aztec $30; Aztec book $10; Gingko $40; 1” Spiral $55; 5/8” Spiral $60; Square Spiral $55 If anyone is interested, send me a message or email me at Thank you!!
  6. I definitely don't drink enough milk and I don't get enough sunlight. I work in inside all day and don't usually go outside that much because of allergy problems. I will get my D tested. I'm just sick of coming home from work and going to bed by 7pm because I'm so exhausted and in pain. It gets old!!
  7. Stress really makes my pain worse. I have a very stressful job and have been asking if I can work 4 days a week rather than 5. I'm waiting for an answer. If I don't get one soon, I will ask again. I feel like all my energy goes into my job and once I get home, I'm too tired to do anything. I have gotten to a point where I feel like I am existing rather than living life. Thanks for the additional responses!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. I'm definitely going to figure out this gluten-free stuff as it sounds like it works for so many people. Thanks again!!
  9. Just wondering how many of you suffer from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. I've been dealing with this for years and I feel like it's getting worse as I get older. I'm 49 and most days feel like I'm 99! The chronic pain 24/7 gets old real fast. Most days I feel like my quality of life just isn't what it used to be. I'm constantly exhausted and never feel rested. Any ideas, suggestions, or words of wisdom would be appreciated!
  10. I want to make some quilts for the local children's hospital to use in their baby nursery. Does anyone know if there are specific requirements regarding size, binding and etc.? Thanks!
  11. Bekah is absolutely adorable! Thoughts and prayers going up for all of you. Hope the doctors figure out what is going on so it can be dealt with.
  12. What can this camera do that a mirror cannot accomplish? I know quilters who have mirrors they use to see underneath or they do what I do, lean down and look underneath to see. I see the word camera and I think of pictures and I'm not understanding why a camera is needed for this type of thing. Please advise. Thanks.
  13. Hey Debi, can I answer this even though I have a Nolting? I use Bottom Line on the bottom. I use So Fine or Omni on the top.
  14. My husband and I must be terrible parents because we love being empty nesters:P My daughter and I work in the same law firm so we see each other every day. My son lives across town and is really busy with school, work and his little family so we don't see him as often as I would like, but he is doing so well with life that it's okay. We see my step-daughter once a week and my step-son lives three hours away and we see him every few months. We keep really busy and enjoy the time with just the two of us.
  15. This copyright thing is tricky. Lucky me, I work in a lawfirm and had this same situation come up a few years ago. I was approached to make a specific quilt, I made it, I was paid, end of story. Now that I have a little side business that I make quilts/purses for profit, I was advised to contact the pattern company and ask permission. Every company said yes [except one] as long as I don't "mass produce." The confusing part is that copyright protects the written pattern and there is argument that any works derived from that pattern is actually copyrighted.
  16. Jeanne, the quilt is beautiful and Fallon is adorable!
  17. My favorites are the giant board templates as I prefer all over designs. Lots to choose from!
  18. Pros and cons both ways. Are any of your four kids still at home where they may need you? Can you convert your garage to a bigger space for quilting? Or how about turning your master bedroom into your quilt studio and taking one of the smaller rooms as your bedroom? You can always try it, but be aware of how long the lease is. You don't want to get stuck into a 6 month lease or one year lease if it ends up being more of a pain. Let us know what you decide:)
  19. I love pantos and one of my favorite is Fire Flower. Willow Leaf Studio has an awesome selection to choose from.
  20. I have the Ruler Mate and have never had a problem. I haven't taken it off in four years:)