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  1. I do have a buyer but the sale is not completed yet. Would you like me to let you know if it falls through?
  2. See my ad on here...like new 2016 APQS Millie from Scraphappyquilting. Stitch regulated and Quilt Path, which is their version of computerized, can easily be added in the future. Mine has a 12' table.
  3. Exactly Liam, you just never know what life holds. Thank you. I hope I can find her a good home.
  4. Selling APQS 2016 Millenium quilting machine. Works great/pristine condition. Purchased end of May. Must sell due to unplanned expenses. Will sell for $15,500. Will take down and help load; purchaser must pick up and deliver. Located in Austin, TX. Features: 26.5" X 10.5" throat 12' table M bobbin Quilt Glide Power Fabric Advance Auto Needle Positioner Thread cutter Single stitch button Laser light Electronic Horizontal & Vertical Channel locks Includes: Sample cones of Glide and So Fine Magna Glide bobbin samples as well as Superior SuperBobs 14 cones of Poly-Oncore/P
  5. Is it okay that I'm a Gammill owner on here? This forum is incredible and I'm hoping there are other Gammill owners on here! Kim
  6. I have a new demo Millie and am using the BottomLine prewound Superbobs. I have noticed with my TOWA gauge some of them have a higher tension reading than others. Do you adjust your bobbin tension to work with it or consider these "bad?" I run mine between 170-200 which is what Superior suggests on their handy chart. Just curious what others do . Thanks in advance! Kim
  7. Thank you Jim. I've been ready to either pull my hair out or throw her out the window hahaha! I'll keep you updated.
  8. I'm just sewing on a regular cotton top and backing. My batting is 80/20. Using a 4.0 needle. And yes I totally agree I may be getting too critical and need to relax. I don't quilt for shows or magazines. Just want nice stitches! I have a cone of the YLI you suggested and a SuperBOB on the way. I guess I'm just too used to the nice stitches my Gammill makes.
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