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Invisible Thread Woes

Thread Lightly

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I have never posted a notice on this site before but I have found it to be very helpful in the past. There is a wealth of information on problem solving for many subjects.

The reason for this post is to see if someone can help me get the Superior Monopoly invisible thread to quit breaking (top thread).

I have read through the posts available and have tried all the tips suggested. ie I have used the horizontal spool.

I have loosened the top tension control until it is nearly falling out of the machine.

I have loosened the bobbin tension to practically nothing. Tension looks good on the quilt top but still the thread breaks.

The thread path advances well with no little "curlies" as suggested by Dawn Cavanaugh in her article about invisible thread. When I put the needle in, however, it "curls".

I have changed out the needles until I don't have any others to try.

I have loosened the rollers.

I have sewed slower.

I have used a thread net.

I have cleaned the rails.

I have re threaded the machine several times in several different ways. ie, using only one hole in thread quide & also tried using the up and down configuration of the thread path instead of the loop around method.

I am pretty frustrated as I have always been able to figure out my issues until this one.

I am using the APQS Millenium, 10 stitches per inch

If anyone can give me some more advice, I will be most grateful. My client is expecting her quilt to be completed by next week and I am STUMPED.



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Thank you to all who responded. I have figured out how to fix the problem. I changed to another spool of thread and exchanged the Gros-Beckert needle. I am not sure which of those actions was the remedy, but I am not going to change a thing because it is now working fine. Thank you for such response, and I just may use the invisible thread another time now.


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