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Lifting the rollers

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Oh how did I miss this post last week?

Elita, Yes, Kristina's right. I did move my light bar around.

It helps me to see when I SID, and tiny stippling, etc. My hubby went to Radio Shack and got the same type of wire to lengthen it, then we just flipped it around and attached it

to the 2 side screws.

Now, I've purchased Linda/Denny's topper arm and need to re-do again, since that's where the arm attaches to. Hubby said a longer screw with washers in between should do it.

Sorry i've posted late, and Kristina, thanks honey for answering for me!

F55CA928B31BF9D50E35FB71F402EFB1.png Millennium/IntelliQuilter 402-450-8321 Designer of the 1/2" foot for Ult II's.

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I'm sure I left the brain out behind the barn..

I do not understand, with Lenni, the extended table, how removing the one roller is going to give any extra space.

We thought we'd gain at least a couple inches. I am fairy sure we didn't even gain an inch.

At first I didn't understand that and was totally confused. Well, removing the roller really had nothing to do with how much space I had on my Penny, towards the front of the table/rollers. The reason why is..... the curve of the machine at the rear handle end, touches the leveler bar before it reaches the front roller.

Now is my thinking on this right or not? (Couldn't be wrong could I? LOL)

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Great information here ladies. I again will have my DH to take a look at this, then put him to work making the adjustments. I am very short, 4' 10". I stand on a platform to quilt. It would be great not to have to wrestle this roller bar. Thanks


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