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Recipe for Coconut Macaroons & Raisin Apple Bars

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Coconut Macaroons from the All New Joy of Cooking

2/3 C sweetened condensed milk

1 lg egg white

1 1/2 t vanilla

1/8 t salt.

3 1/2 C flaked or shredded sweetened coconut.

Mix wet ingredients, add coconut. Drop by scant T on parchment paper or well-greased aluminum foil -spacing 2" apart. Bake l sheet at a time (I never do) until nicely

browned - 20-25 minutes. Remove sheet to rack, let stand until cookies are completely cool. Peel off paper.

Raisin Bars

1/2 C butter cream together with

1 1/3 C lt brn sugar add

1 egg

1/2 salt, 1/2 t nutmeg, 1 t cinnamon, 1 t cloves

Mix together:

1 C flour and 1 t baking soda - add to dry ingredients

Stir in:

1 med red apple, chopped, 1 C raisins, 1C chopped pecans


1/4 C 2% milk and last 1 C flour

Bake at 350 in 15x10" greased pan for 25-30 minutes

Don't over-bake like I did.

Cool then make frosting:

1 1/2 C powdered sugar,

2 1/2 T warm milk

1 T butter

1/4 or more t vanilla

1/8 t salt.


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Thank you Pat for the recipes! Absolutely wonderful macaroons!

She brought these to the Moxie meeting yesterday and Dennis went to bed last moaning for me not to let him eat anything today!! He loved the Raisin Bars--and I say "loved" because they are all gone!!:D

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Well. guess what we had for lunch with a glass of milk! :)

Thank you Pat for the wonderful Raisin Bar recipe! Talk about good?---I didn't even frost mine---and they are yummy!

I had coffee and browsed around on Mary Beth's webshots looking at all her beautiful quillts munching away. :)

What a life! ;)

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