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polyester fabric question


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I am trying to do a polyester fabric quilt. I have done them before with no problems. Now tension is fine and when I start on poly top it skips some stitches. I tried lowering bar, slowing down, more stitches per inch, raised foot a tad. What else can I do to stop the skipping stitches? :(

My machine just does not like this top. :mad:

Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure if this will help at all, Nita, but here is what I have learned from my DSM:

I've never tried quilting on polyester fabric and this may sound like a crazy question but do they make UNIVERSAL needles for longarms? A sharp needle pierces the fabric (harder to do with some polyesters) but a universal needle (which is a cross between a sharp and a ballpoint needle) pushes the thread aside to make the stitch.

I know there are some brilliant folks here on the forum that can give you just the solution.

Nancy in Tucson

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