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Wanted to Share MQX Breast Cancer Quilt-long

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Well my quilt is in the Breast Cancer Challenge at MQX and I am at home. "They Are Just Boobs Until You Lose Them. I have it entered in MQS and have been asked to have it in Quiltfestjax in September. I don't know how to attach pictures so will give the webshots. Anyone is welcome to add the picture if they would. Laurie Shepstone, MQP, has been giggling at throughout its construction. Remember, I am a RN, and married to a Doctor. We are educators. So it is educational, and humorous, but you shouldn't forget it. It has many parts to it. Laurie agreed online to do a

challenge and knew that with chemo brain (her words) that not everything had been clicking together. In support of her and the quilters who we lost ( Linda K. Taylor and Marian Furs (Mary's S mom), I chose to participate it.

I was taken by the polka dotted material and as it reminded of the yellow polka dotted bikini. So that was the starting point of the quilt. *challenge was to use 4 fabric, and may add four other fabrics, and one inspirational block.* I used some material as the focal material that a local quilter friend designed as it fit my theme. I foolishly did about what seemed like 34 yard of piping and it is in the sashing to accent it. Pink ribbon blocks were in the alternating 9 patch. Words were traupunto'd and painted with Irena

Bluhms technique. I double traupunto'd the swimsuit tops to create geat cleavage. Freehand boobs were placed around the borders. All different sizes and painted them according to different races with breast cancer. I love you hand (American Sign Language) symbols were scattered around, to remember to love yourself and get checked. Some of the boobs hanging around vary in size and shape, or with mastectomies. Each is personalized with seed beaded

nipples, and pasties on one for the working girl. Artistic freedom meant recreating the stop sign to six sided, with the breast cancer ribbon inside, for Stop Breast Cancer. I added glued crystal, smilie face heart erasers, and angels. I took 2 different colored breast cancer bracelets and incorporated it in the quilt. 4 with the word are on the borders, and many others are cut up and made into crosses at the intersection of the blocks. The four crosses around the center blocks have names and flowers, Adeline Gutenkauf, (my grandma) Linda K. Taylor, Marian Furs, and Jackie Robbins and their date of death. I don't want any more names added to my quilt. The inspirational thought of the quilt, "Get Them Checked, Get Them Checked Often", so Don't get Your Name on My Quilt.

Depends on peoples response to the quilt. Few friends were kind enough to tell me it is hilarious, and should not just sit in my studio, it I should find a way to share it with others. I have had it professionally photographed and checked on framing it professionally to sell to Mammogram centers, oncology units, and maybe OB/GYNs, but haven't had time to continue that process. Some feedback would be great. On another note, it has been hanging in my kitchen to protect it as I worked on it, and all the teenage males have not had a problem with it. The funniest comment was from a male friend of the family. He rubbed over the top and said he "never felt 100 pairs of boobs at one time" My teenage son had names for the different shape, cherries (small) pepperonis for the saggers, and hotties for the middle size. That was more than I needed to know.

http://community.webshots.com/user/debbierealquilts Challenge folder.

Debbie Rolek

Waukee Ia


If you like it share it with others and keep a copy in your favorite pictures to remind yourself every time you see it. :D

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HI Debbie!

I loved looking at your quilt! You have added so many wonderful details.

I can't wait to REALLY see it at MQS! It will be fun to explore!

I am going to be participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in November to support my dear quilter friend Kerry who just had her 5th chemo session. My husband suggested that our quilt group all shave our heads in support :o ....I decided to walk 60 miles instead!


tammy in AZ


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Thanks for the kind words, and inserting the pictures for me.

I had to chuckle when you said you would rather walk sixty miles before shaving your head. Shaving you head is easy, Walking 60 miles would kill me for days. I admit that I am way out of shape, and arthritis don't help.

I will admit that one quilter had taken the quilt to heart and got a mammogram after 10 years, it was ok, but abnormal paps. She said that she was glad the quilt prodded her. I proudly claim my imaginary "Ribbon of Life".

Debbie Rolek


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I looked at the quilts on your webshots page and you had one that had kids with books on it. I work in a library and that would be perfect for me. Was it a pattern that I could purchase somewhere? Any information you could give me about it would be appreciated. I loved your quilts and enjoyed looking at your site. Thanks a bunch for sharing.


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Collen, The children's quilts were taken from books created by the AMA Alliance, called Children's Activity Book Series, I Can Handle Bullies, Hands Are Not for Hitting, I can Be Healthy, I Can Be Safe, I Can Be..., I Can Choose.

www.amaalliance.org Set of 6 books for $6.00. I did them many years ago. They are also available in set of 50 if you wanted to give them to school kids.

Dixieqwv- I don't have any current friends/family, and haven't been there since I was a child. But if I rich. I would fly down and visit, with the quilt.


Glad you like my quilts.;)

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Good Evening all you happy Quilters!! I was wondering if anyone has a quilt they would like to donate to this year's American Cancer Society's Relay for Life? I was voted to take charge of this for a raffle but I am still new to quilting and won't have near enough time to get one done. The Relay is being held the weekend of June 23rd & 24th 2006 but I would need quilt by beginning of June to have enough time to sell the raffle tickets before the actual relay. If anyone is interested, please email me for details.

Thanks so much for all your help!


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:D Debbie,

I am a breast cancer survivor and I thank you sooooo much for your efforts to spread the word- GET THEM CHECKED OFTEN!!!!


It has been 11 years since my mastectomy and chemo but I may not have been alive today if I hadn't listened to my own body and been persistent with my doctors. When I visited my OB Gyn and requested a mammogram, he refused stating that I wasn't in a high risk group. He was treating me like a statistic and had I not pursued it further I may have wound up as a statistic, fallen prey to Breast Cancer.

But I pursued it with my family doc who listened to me and ordered a mammogram. We found it and because I hadn't waited, we beat it!

I hadn't found a lump, I had no family history. I simply had a gut feeling.

The bottom line- don't wait. My personal ditty follows:

Do your self exams.

Have your mammograms.

Check it out today.

And, don't forget to pray!

Thanks for listening. ;)

Pam Geary

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