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Weekend Quilting Plans?

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Hi Caron,

Don't let my event discourage you from CQ. I love my CQ. It just didn't work out this time. I made overlapping Circles only 1 inch in size and with each circle there was a locked stitch. The backing fabric is light in color compared to the Thread color and well I just didn't like the darker thread shade where you lock the stitches. Most of the time you cannot see these as I usually have my thread matching my back. The application would be great in another quilt it just didn't work with this one. They still looked great and the customer would have probly liked it anyway but it didn't please me in terms of what I was shooting for that's all.

I'm at work tonight but I'll post a CQ/freehand quilt I just finished and wow it turned out great. Just as pretty on the back as the front. I get a photo tomorrow of it.

I am doing my first Custom and well I just didn't approach it correctly. I feel better about it and will devote the next two days to it. In the end it will be great. Some of my frogging was my fault as I did not lock the stitch correctly on my quarter circles and probly could have made it fly but to think that they might start coming out would be aweful. I want this quilt to make a particularly good impressioin because it will be hanging in the Quilt shop for a year and at the next Local Quilt show in the Shop booth so I'm just a littly picky about it.

I have been having some CQ issues but some is Operator error trying some new things for the first time.


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*lol* My first thing I?m doing in the morning.....sure after a having a cup of real german coffee :cool:...is to check the APQS-chat!;)

Theresa....I would LOVE to see you jumping over the ocean:D......you are invited !:)

Judy... I??ve never done one panto*lol* I?m not able to do this, I think:cool:

Linda....Ilove your quilting, too!:)

Sherry.....you taught me to slow down*lol*:cool: Miss you!

have a grraaat and sunny day.....

Gone quilting.....


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Originally posted by Grammie

I am working Fri - Mon Nights on 12 hr shift. 530pm ti 530am and while there I am Frogging almost an entire quilt.

I decided to use my CQ in the 1.5 sashing and I chose overlapping circles. Looked great from the front but when I turned it over the 1 inch circles showed the tie knot on each circle. I am taking every single one of the out. There are hundreds. I just did not like the knot and it didn't seem to want to poke thru the fabric and stay.

Tammie, go to the CQ Digitizer's site and look at the pictures I recently posted of my loops sashing and corner that I did. Let me know if you like the design and I can send you my digitized files. I put them into a 1" sashing but you could enlarge the design to fit the 1.5" sashing you have.

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