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Thankyou to everyone!!


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I wasn't able to reply at the time, but it meant a lot to read everyone's messages after we lost our house due to a bushfire on Dec 23 2090.

At 10am that day, I signed the papers for the money to be transferred to purchase my Millie. By 3pm the same day we had lost our house.

14 houses and many buildings were destroyed!

Thankfully there was no loss of life!

Thankfully our dog was having a haircut!

Thankfully our shed - we live on 7 acres of land - with all my DH tools was not damaged.

We lost all our 'love things'...photos, quilts, sentimental jewellary......

We have soooo much to be thankful for, having the support of the community and family and friends.

I am busy stitching Leanne Beasley's Peace and Plenty given to me with the thread, needles, scissors in "Nellie's Sewing Bag" by a Guild friend.

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