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Hello to all out there,

My name is Chantell and I'm very new to the wonderful craft of quilting.

I am currently employed by the Royal Australian Navy, and today I am lucky enough to be on Duty ( plenty of time to be on the APQS site).

I am an aircraft technician by trade, and stumbled into quilting recently when I won a domestic quilting sewing machine at the opening of a new shop in town.....caught the "quilting bug" and last month ordered my first machine....GEORGE :)

This is the first website/chat forum that I have had access to, and I am totally amazed by it's content.

I have been sitting here for the past few hours (please don't tell my Boss) reading thread after thread.....the community atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone praises, comforts, teaches, listens, helps and listens to one another.

In the space of two hours I have shed a few tears, learnt so much about the art of quilting and laughed out very very loud while reading your stories.

I think that it is great that when things get tough, someone needs help or someone feels a little down you are all there to catch and guide them the right way.

You are wonderful people and it is a nice feeling knowing that if i ever do need a little moral support, I only have to hop on the APQS site & you guys and gals will be there.

Keep safe and thankyou for your time.

Chantell :)

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Guest Linda S

Welcome Chantell! So nice to have you join us. This site really helped me out when I was getting started and continues to help me out today. I love it!


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