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NQR Refill?


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Ö.K. mein Deutsch Freunde, jetzt fühle ich mich better.What muss ich tun, um Ihnen meine "Das Gute Zirndorfer" Bierflasche senden und ihn ausgefüllt und zurück zu mir geschickt? Lachen Sie nicht zu hart - Heuschrecke

Or how do I get this refilled now that I am feeling better. P.S. This is the best beer on the planet!!!!! Haven't had one since 1976----This one has been empty far too long-LOL. This was the last one I had the night before I left Germany,looking at it brings tears to my eyes.--- grasshopper


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I assume that you can translate that top post, does that mean that you are able to translate, is it German?

Why I ask is my mother in law just got a letter from Denmark which is in Danish. We think it says that my husbands Aunt has passed away. The only one that could read Danish was my father in law who has also passed away. I know that German and Danish are somewhat similar as my father in law seemed to be able to speak some and understand German as well as Danish. There was also someone else on this forum who could translate, I forget her name but she may pop in here too if she sees your post. any way I am sorry don't know too much about beer but I do have a can of Boddingtons Draught from London which is very heavy I think it has something in the can that makes it bubbly?

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Hi Dave,

The Zirndorf Brewery just got back to me.

You cannot order from them directly but they suggest that you contact their US importer:

Edelweiss Imports Inc.

Boynton Beach, FL 33472

9056 Talway Circle

website: http://www.tucher-usa.com

I checked the site and they don't state anything about Das Gute Zirndorfer there. But they may be able to tell you more once you email them directly.

Hope this helps towards getting your refill...


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