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  1. My friend has an Ultimate !! machine, and it seems to work great except when he tries to work on a t-shirt quilt, For some reason it starts skipping stitches a lot and can not quilt without skipping. We have tried different needles, thread, and lots of things, but it isn't just the areas of the t-shirts that have more texture to them. I was wondering if raising the foot would be of any help. It doesn't seem to drag or anything, but just trying to troubleshoot anything that would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Jeanne
  2. Great job, I am sure it he daughter will cherish it.
  3. Love the lion quilt and your son looks pretty happy with it as well.
  4. Dell that is gorgeous. I may have to look into making one myself. Love your colors and quilting.
  5. Beautiful quilt and I pray it will bring much comfort and healing to her.
  6. At the end of the show I was awarded Viewers Choice for Henry as well. So honored. Still pinching myself.
  7. These are my 2 elephant quilts that I won ribbons on at our guild quilt show. Henry won the judges choice and honorable menti9n ribbon and Ellie won an honorable mention ribbon.
  8. I am right there with you Mary Beth. Been waiting for the next contest. I need a Millie too. Now that I am retired I could run a computer and hand guided system right next to each other.
  9. I am planning on going to the Jacksonville show next thursday and Friday and wondered if APQS was going to be represented.
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