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How do I get the double-sided glue off?

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I just got the new 18" PatternGrid from Longarm Connection

at Innovations. So now I'm thinking I canput my taller

pantos under the plastic instead of taping it to the lexan

table. My used table came with a piece of heavy mylar that

was about 15" high; it was held on with what must be 2-

sided tape.

So I tried pulling off the old plastic/mylar and the glue on the

table did not come up when the mylar did. It is very sticky

and about an 1.5 inches high and 12 feet long.

I tried Goop which took some of the adhesive up but then

spread the rest around wherever I wiped. So then I tried

to get it off with:

Alcohol - no effect

Vinegar - no effect

Ammonia - got the spread-out stuff off a little but now it is

like a 6" white cloud on my table.

So I thought, why not just put the patterngrid on top of it.

Yeah, dumb. So now my new 18" plastic still only has 15"

of usable space because it is stuck on at the very same spot

as the old plastic. Duh.

Does anybody know how to get that old tape adhesive off?

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There is a product that we use with embroidery to clean up our hoops. Its called "Goo-Gone" you can find it in just about any grocery store, fabric store, auto store etc. It comes off really easy and the residue is a snap with a paper towel and a bit of water.

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I would try "Pinesol" with a soft pot scrubber, just put the pinsol on straight on to the scrubber, rub it right on to the goo, then wipe with paper towels. Works for me every time:)

I don't know if any one out there knows anything about slugs (the kind that look like snails without shells), well the slime that they leave on every thing they touch is almost impossible to get off.

My niece Maxine went through her "bug" stage at age 3, & she loved to collect slugs, she would carry them around for hours, after she let them go home to their mommies, the task of cleaning the slime would get under way. After trying every cleaning solution safe to use (on skin) failed, I tried the pinsol, & it worked, it has also works on getting off lables, old tape & some stuff on my kitchen floor that my cats walked in, what ever that was, dried & stayed on their paws for months.:( poor babies) I didn;t dare try the pinsol on them, I was affaid they would lick it off & get sick.

best of luck in the goo remove, keep us posted :)

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Bobbie wins the prize for the solution to getting glue residue

off my table.

I ended up spraying the WD-40 directly onto the glue

on the lexan table and letting it sit for a minute or 2. Then I

wiped it off. I had to repeat that once or twice and it

finally came off. I worked on about 1 foot at a time.

I had to leave the window open for ventilation.

My new PatternGrid looks great on my clean table.

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I know this sounds weird but when my brother broke my nose years ago and they had to pack it and had bunches of tape on it they took lighter fluid and q-tips. as they pull at the tape they would rub it with a q-tip dipped in lighter fluid and it never hurt or nothing. so now when i buy something and the sticker leaves a glue residue i drag out the lighter fluid. Good luck!!

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There is also a product you can get at home depot if the WD-40 does not work. But be sure to check it on a small spot before using it all over. It is called Goof Off, don't mix it up with goo-gone.

It does not smell very good, use with windows open!!!!!!!! My Husband can alway tell when I have used it and throw the paper towel in the trash.

I found it when we bought a house that had wood base boards and the sloppy guy got paint on them when doing the walls. It will take off all kinds of stuff no matter how long it has been on. Works wonders if you want perfect detailing.

Just be careful with it.


Paradise CA

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