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My first attempts

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Hi Julia::)

Great job on the quilts, did you use a panto, or did you go free-hand, looks great either way.

By The Way, smaller pic's keep the writen part of the post within screen size, so you don't have to slide back & forth to read.

To get your pic smaller, just go to yor "My Pictures" program, & click on the pic you want smaller, then left ckick to find the "Edit", (you will be in "paint" BTW).

Once you get there, at the top click on "Image", then "Streach", in streach you will see 100 for horizon, & 100 for vertical, change those #'s to 50's or even 40's, then click on O.K..

Now click on "File", Then "Save As" , just type in the word edit after the title, click "Save". You now have 2 pic's, 1 little & 1 orignal.

Now you have to get back to your orignal post, to the right a the top you will see a little Blue "EDIT" box click on that, You are the only one that can edit your post's. At hte bottom you will see " Upload this file instead" click the little white box, then click "Browse" find the smaller version of your pic. double click on that, then ckick "Edit Post" at the bottom of the page.

That should fix the orignal post up nicely. :)

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Thanks for the good feedback. I haven't tried an Panto's yet. Just me mooving and grooving on the meandering. Quilts 1 (No picture yet - I pick up tonight after quild meeting) was a loop to loop pattern i made up. Quilt 2 (green sashing was over all large meandering. Quilt 3 (purple & white) continued both with fans.

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