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Have you started using a USB presentation clicker yet?


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In the most recent update the ability to use a USB remote presentation clicker was released. You can use it to click in points of a block or to mark on the quilt or to start/stop IQ. It is pretty slick and I used it recently on an Irish Chain which really sped me up.

However, I don't like the USB remote I bought. I got this one:


It is too long for our APQS handles. If it were about half the size, it would be perfect. I liked it because it was skinny and it had an interior storage place to put the USB. However, that interior storage place makes it too long. It works great, it just doesn't fit well with our handles.

Has anyone found a USB wireless presentation remote for their APQS/IQ that they like?

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Guest Linda S

In one of the November updates, Zoltan listed three USB clickers that would be compatible. The third, and last one, is the one I got. Go to the Intelliquilter site, look at the updates, and pick (I think) the second to the last update. It's there.

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Originally posted by Gator

Mine should arrive today, can't wait to use it. Angie, I don't understand "it's to long for the APQS handles?

I'm wanting to velcro it to the left handle so I can just "stick" it on the handle when I want to use it. Except it is too long to fit between the mushroom handle and the bend in the Mille handle. If it were just a couple inches shorter it would be much better.

Once you get yours try it out and see how you are going to mount it. Maybe I'm just not thinking through how best to configure it to our handles.

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