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Need to re-evaluate pricing, opinions please...


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I wouldn't lower your prices until you have paid for your BobbinCam. Then re-evaluate. There isn't a reason to lower the price for pantos if you are charging the standard for your region. Maybe during your slower months you can offer a half-cent reduction to the first ten customers who respond to a newsletter or sign in the shop.

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Guest Linda S

Ardelle - do NOT lower your prices. Discounts and coupons would be fine, but you should get paid for both your talent and for your investment in a piece of equipment that has allowed you to do your job more quickly. Remember - no good deed goes unpunished. If you lower your prices, you'll probably be swamped with quilts, will get in trouble with the local competition, and will eventually end up stressed out. Enjoy the big increase in pay while you have the chance. Put the money away for your retirement.

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I agree with these ladies, a 'special' is a great way to get some more panto work.

You should NOT feel guilty about making a good living! How much does your plumber, electrician, mechanic charge per hour? Do you make that much per hour from pantos? Shouldn't you? I think you should.

We both know there is no money in custom quilting... this 'raise' will help balance out the loss we take on custom work.

Remember that this is a public forum and your clients have access to it. Telling the world your quilting time has been cut in half is probably not the best thing to do.

As far as lowering your prices... It would be terrible for the industry as a whole. We are all fighting to make a living wage at quilting. I researched your local market and found the following prices. What do you charge for pantos?

Pantographs are from $.035 - $.045 per square inch.

Pantos range from $0.0275 - $0.035/sq"

found another... Pantos from .0225 - .03/sq"

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