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moving to the front of machine and need advise

DL Semmens

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I had a customer bring me a cross stiched crib quilt. The type that is on white muslin and is marked with the blue line. She left the quilting lines for me to follow. But there is a lot of negative space that she wants me just to fill in with big loops.

I normally just panto.....so this is new territory for me. Here is where I need help. The quilting lines are mainly just straight lines around the outside borders and inner borders, and a couple of horizontal lines across the body of the quilt.

What do I start with? Do I tack the whole quilt down with the quilting lines then go back and fill in the negative space with loops. Do I quilt it loops first then straight lines. Or do I just work in the space I have and do both in the quilting space and then advance the quilt?

Thanks for the help!

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