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How Many??

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1. My Christmas quilt just needs the last border, quilting & backing. I hope to finish it by Friday so I can at least say I made it for Christmas this year.

2. A queen size quilt that is ready for the sashing and then the borders.

3. Two applique pieces that just need borders

4. One applique that needs the machine applique done and then borders.

5. I have at least five quilts in the planning stage. One of those will have to be finished since it is for a grandbaby due in May.

Thank goodness we don't have to list UFOs. I can't count that high!

DH has learned not to comment on the fact that I already have projects to be finished before starting another one. You see he has a 1955 Ford F150 sitting in the garage that he has been working on for at least ten years. The engine is finally ready to go back into the truck (or is it a motor? I never can remember the distinction). Then there is the boat sitting in the backyard to be re-built. He doesn't have many started, but when he starts them they are huge and more expensive than all my uncounted UFOs & pigs put together.

Phyllis Hughes

Oklahoma City

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Not any more! My friends used to say "Let's go shopping at Donna's" -- can't say thay now.

After 15+ years of collecting fabric, I hit a road block. Moving really helps you weed out what you no longer need or want.

My best friend got me started by telling me that I need to ask myself "do I really, really need it / want it / love it?". If I can't answer yes to all three, I need to put it down and walk away. Real killjoy. But I cannot pick up fabric or a pattern or a book without those words going throw my head.

My goal is to document every UFO left and organize all the supplies to complete them. Okay, so I probably won't ever finish this task before I die. Someone told me once that you cannot die until all your projects are finished. I guess I'll be around for a while.

Isn't quilting wonderful? So many patterns, so many designs, so many different fabrics... And sooo many wonderful and talented people to meet -- Ideas for several lifetimes. I love it. Wonderful therapy, too.

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Wow. After reading this list I don't feel my addiction is anything out of the normal range. I guess on a scale of 1 to 10, I am only about a 3or 4. Prior to reading the rest of the responses, I thought I would be about a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale. Now I can go buy more fabric and really feel good about it. Thanks everyone. ;)

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...love all your play on words that you share with us...here's one for you....

Last year my friend was getting ready for her son's wedding and said she had to find a good "western" bra. What's that, I asked??? She replied, One that rounds them up and heads them out!!!

(this may be an old joke, but I had never heard it before!)

Sandra :D

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