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How Many??

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Ok. ladies let's be honest. How many "works in progress" do you have going at this time?? Now I am not asking about UFOs because let's face it - those will probably NEVER get done. They tend to get put away to finish another time and then just forgotten about. I was looking at the number I have in different stages and all will be completed soon I just need the right stage of a project at the right time ie: binding while watching t.v.. cutting two more strips...pinning blocks together...rearranging design wall to accommatate one more to see if collors are right etc. I can't believe how many!!

How many do have!! My favorite part of quilting is starting a new project!! LOL....

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Good question. Let see...

1. I have a wholecloth that is marked and ready to do the stitching for the cut away trapunto. I'll be working on it this week now that Christmas quilts are done. I'm hoping that have this quilt done for MQS in June, 2007.

2. I have another wholecloth that is designed on paper and waiting for some fabric ordered at a LQS. Can't do anything else until the fabric comes in.

3 - 5. I have 3 queen size sampler quilts that are pieced and waiting to be quilted. These are currently scheduled to be quilted in March. They've been in my queue to get quilted for over a year nowProblem is that I schedule them to be quilted and they get pushed out to another date when the time comes. If I don't get them done soon, they will probably become UFO's.

6-9. I have 4 calendar of the month wall hangings in progress. June, July, August and October. The patterns are sitting on my cutting table with the scrap fabrics I've gathered for each one. I have lots of time to finish these, so there's no big rush to get them done.

10-11. I have 2 strip club quilts that are cut and ready to be pieced. I did have a 3rd one, but gave it to my mom to finish, knowing that it would be awhile before I could get around to finishing it.

12. I have another strip club quilt that is almost cut. I'm just waiting for some fabric at a LQS before I can finish cutting and start piecing.

14. I have a quilt for MQS in June 2007 that is cut and ready to be pieced. I hope to start piecing it in January and do the quilting in March.

15. I have a missionary quilt that is pieced, quilted and waiting to have the binding put on. Need to have it done by the end of February.

16. I've started keeping a notebook of quilting projects that I want to do. I woudn't really count these as projects in progress yet as most of them are just ideas for a quilt.

Wow, didn't realize I had so much in progress until I started listing them!!

But, I'll bet my list is pretty short compared to some of you who have been quilting for awhile.

I've only been doing this for a couple of years so don't have a lot of accumulated projects or UFO's. I do have a few "experimental" UFO's that will never be finished.


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"Works in progress"......I have 5 or 6 tops waiting to be quilted; about a dozen additional quilts, wall hangings, etc that I am "working on," and then I have 5 sweaters, several scarves and one vest that I am knitting, a sweater I'm crocheting and several necklaces that I am beading.

I guess you only wanted to know about my quilting projects, but I couldn't help facing up to my multiple addictions. ;)

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Oh. My. Goodness. Where do I start?? I have three quilt tops in progress.... Two others pieced and waiting for me to feel confident enough to try this long arm quilting thing. Sad, I know.

Let's see.... An art to wear jacket where the back piece is mocking me from my body double everytime I head down into the basement.

Kits, quilting and others, that I have acquired and yet to touch.

Knitting? Oh, I have those also. I've got a sock in progress. Another one sock sock awaiting its mate. A cardigan I started L.A.S.T. year....

Sigh!! I am hopeless.


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I was so glad to see that we aren't counting UFO's and only those that are close to being finished or at least still on the cutting table.

1-4 are various sized quilts, 1 king 1 large twin and 2 laps that are waiting to be quilted.

5-6 are two large laps that are either on the frame or have the backing and batting together waiting in line.

7-10 are two twins that have been cut out and waiting for me to get back after christmas...and one baby quilt just about cut out.

11-45 are the ones we aren't counting thank God...they are all in different stages and sizes all in boxes with supplies ready and waiting....when 1-10 are completed....no more buying until 11-45 are done. LOL Like that will happen....:cool:

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday if you are traveling.

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Still working on a Wedding ring and have for a week now. I'm not enjoying this quilt for some reason. Not happy with the Biscuit design even though it is CQ. I used two batting layers to get a faux trapunto. Hating that too. I still have the Chocolate Quilt to do. I should finish the Wedding ring today and for sure by lunch tomorrow. I don't care if I ever get another Wedding Ring Quilt. I'm too slow I think and I hate having it on my machine this long. It's for my best customer so I'm trying to do a good job but boy its taking me forever and a lifetime. I get about half way and wish I made a different design choice but too late for changing my mind now. lol My customer will probly love it. I just don't feel creative with these this quilt. Only so much to with it.

I'll be working right up till Christmas. I'm putting up a Baby tree instead of my large one which takes three days and lots of Christmas easy decos. It's just me but just incase of visitors I'm ready with gifts. lololol PS. What the heck do I put into the rings. They have all been SIDed. I'm just staring at them . I have a variety of

Blue Navy's to baby blues in the colors.

Norece do you stay loaded up like that all the time? What a load of quilts!!! lol

I only have 8 awaiting after Christmas but I never take more than 10 at a time if I can help it. I don't like having such a pile in my Studio. Besides I like keeping my turnover time to a minimum if possible. Just when I think I'm caught up More come. lololol

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Guest Linda S

Oh you're kidding, right? ;) It's the holiday season -- who's got time to stop and count? :P Let's just say I've got a whole herd of pigs (projects in grocery sacks) and call it good!


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Well I have no idea......................for me all UFOs will likely get finished sometime.

rough estimate about 50........................many of these are tops.

I also have a bunch of blocks from swaps ready to be made into tops

then there are projects in various other stages including the handpieced queen sized background I made in 1985.............it is waiting for the right inspiration for applique................the origional idea has been scrapped and I am not going to give up on it.

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A few years back as an assignment for a newsletter I was asked this question. So I pulled out all of my bags, baskets, boxes and really looked at what I had. As I was putting it all back I decided to make a list to remind me so when I had an hour I could just look at the list instead of going through it all and using up the hour on looking instead of sewing. Well just facing the list was good for me. Of course I found one project that I just had to work on. Since then I have tried to update the list (particularly when I get to cross one off the list). It is a mood elevator just to look at all the crossed off projects. Oh yeah, I have ten on the list and probably three that need to be added to the list.

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Another quilter's confession...good for the soul, right?

1. King size quilt for me & hubby

2. 2 activity books for grandkids

3. 2 baby afghans in process for emergency shower gifts

4. need to make a KC Chiefs red baby afghan for pregnant daughter whose hubby is a big fan. He also would like his very own king size Chiefs quilt.

5. 1 pair of jammies waiting for elastic & hems

6. several kits in process of being cut. rotary cutting makes my hands hurt if I do it too long, checking with a local guy about having him laser cut my pieces for me. He's practicing and we havent come up with prices yet, so not sure how well that idea will turn out.

7. 1 long sleeve blouse needing collar, cuffs and buttons.

8. pile of mending that grows when my daughter comes to town. I'm thinking she needs a small standard machine from WalMart for own quickie repairs.

My memory isn't always so good, so there are probably several things lurking in the closet that I have completely blocked out.

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Well, lets see, I have my DH's birthday quitl top - king size - that is 1 1/2 years old and still not quilted - does that qualify for a UFO??:o Then there is my DD's wedding present from last August - queen size. Then there are family/customer quilts. Then there are 2 projects that were started a while back - one will be my stepson's wedding present - he just proposed last week....when do they qualify for UFO status??

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You know, I don't even count any more....too many "pigs" to even herd up. I just love buying fabric and I figure if I visualize the project done then it is okay to buy more fabric... today I'm Christmas shopping for my DH - he's the last on my list --- BUT the woodworking shop is also right around the corner from the best little quilt shop soooo I'm buying myself a little gift. I have the rest of the week off....so very Merry Christmas to each and everyone of my quilting buddies on this site.


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Oh, Linda, you make me laugh! I'll be using "pigs" for a long time to come. :D let's see, I have 1 single quilt top for son's bed, 1 unfinished top from German Quilt Camp 2002, 1 lap quilt for daughter, 1 double wedding ring top from 1940s (not my work), 1 king size mariner's compass to go on the LA, followed by a queen-sized multi-star quilt, 1 baby quilt top in progress and 2 Tshirt quilt tops, waiting to be assembled. So 9 pigs in the sty. Lucky for me, they don't need to be done by this Christmas! :D

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Hmm an interesting questions, I think I am about to scare myself,

- bed size mystery quilt, we were talking about finishing it only today - top not yet completed. It is really pretty and will be great for showcasing the quilting

- bed size star quilt, see above, we need more bed quilts. Again top not complete yet. This will be my last quilt from someone elses pattern, they bore me I don't like following instructions :)

- nude with rope 1, this top is at least ready to quilt. I am really looking forward to it but I have other things I have to do first

- nude with rope 2, on the cutting table, fabrics prepared and pattern ready.

- popular patchwork patterns quilt. This is one of those things I have to do sooner. It is a quilt commisioned by a magazine. They have approved the pattern so I just need to get it made and sent off.

- Che, still needs binding. Everything else is done.

- Celebrate spring - I need to build this one on the frame so I have to clear about a week to make it. All the prep is done so I am ready to go.

- On the frame is an engine cover fro a top fuel dragster, Once I have this finished I can get on with celebrate spring.

- Decadence, another nude, top part complete.

Wow that isn't too bad, I make that 9 quilts. I do need to get some of them done by the end of the year, and I have to do one for a friends aniversary (it is their wedding quilt :) which is the 20th of Jan. I must be mad.

I have pictures up on my blog of my longarm sampler and the nude with rope 1. The nude has been causing controversy on an artquilt list. If you do have a look I would like to stress it isn't supposed to be a dead body, or a comment on suicide.

Ferret - who had better get back to the sewing now.

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I was reading some of your posts out loud to my husband and we both just laughed at the "herd of pigs", I definitely have that and more, and an unfinished house we are trying to work on and at least 19 people over for 4 days at Christmas! After a discussion we had about all my hobby addictions including quilting my husband says, "I wish you had my addiction!" I won't tell you what that it!!! Merry Christmas everyone and I love to read all the posts and really want to meet everyone of you sometime!


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Nothing nada, cleaned out! So proud!

We're talking about our personal UFO's.. Right?

I like Mary Beth's question "when do they qualify for UFO status??" is it when you have more than one or????

Anyway I don't have time to start anything. But I do have time to buy fabrics so I can create a few, someday. Now I am knee deep (literally) in fabric and that is my year end goal, shelf it all by color LOL (like that's going to happen) :D and then attack the threads.

Others, Heavens I don't know, there's bags and boxes everywhere and I have just pulled my last one off of the machine for this year! :D Happy dance! She's getting a spa day tomorrow, I'm eating chocolate, it's our year end company party! Millie and I..

Linda, your funny.... pigs ! Love it!

Have a great holiday everyone!


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Here is a good one...my DH came into the room and caught me working on my DD's wedding present...he said...you are gonna love this one...

"Don't you already have a quilt started??"


That question cracks me up everytime I think about it.

Almost as much as the day he came in and said, "You should take a fruit basket to your LQS to say thank you for sending you business this year."

Fruit basket??? No way - everyone know quilters - chocolate!! Come on - what is he thinking??? He just is not paying attention!!

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Mary Beth, what a silly boy you are married to....yep its chocolate here...its amazing what that little substance will get you in my house.

Yeah, Gene made the mistake once in asking about all the pizza boxes laying around the house...When I told him that they were UFO's, he said he thought he saw aliens hanging around the house. After I chased him out of the studio and explained what an UFO is....he too started the smart mouth of "don't you already have a quilt started" when he sees me cutting into fresh fabric. I agree DUH....I think its something that they will never understand.

My sister makes me wonder if she is normal...she starts and finishs one before she starts another one....man how can you work like that...

Well off to play with my UFO's....or like Linda said earlier....which cracked me up..."Pigs" have to remember that one.

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I have a cure for some of those never to be finished things. You can donate them to a worthy place like our local ladies prision has a quilting project. The ladies finsih the quilts and donate them to charity. They have the fun of the sewing plus learning a valuable skill. I also donate to a good thrift store. Someone can find it with the pattern book and fabric and have the fun of finishing something that I don't think is fun anymore. Winners for both. I also give quilt kits for gifts to my daughter. She is a sewer crafter but has not been properly infected with quilting disease yet. I'm working on it full time. I give her quilt kits with the pattern and all fabric necessary for a top. I also offer to quilt it for her if she finishes it. Quilt kits can often be purchased ona whim at a show and then later you think I might not like to make that but it's very nice. Pass it on. The one who dies with the most fabric does not win. I recently saw a sale with one who had a very huge pile of fabric and it was hard to see the poor husband faced with selling all of this fabric that his wife had purchased. She could have had a small shop. Cheryll

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Okay, I started thinking about this and got dizzy.... not something I want to do right now.

In a moment of insanity, I did something like what Cheryll was suggesting: I had two friends help me go through all of my fabric and sort "keeper" and "donate". Needless to say, Salvation Army got 700 yards, and the church got 300 yards, garage sale was another 800 yards. They handled all that. Several hundred books, varios spools of thread that I will never use, and close to 100 patterns are now in the hands of other folks that I'm hoping will take up the craft.

and I still have 32 crates of fabric sitting in my sewing room......

Merry Christmas everyone....

I think I'd rather ponder all the quilts I've finished.

Pigs..... that's a good one. Gotta remember that.

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Ferret - I like the nude with rope 1 - you do amazing things with fabric!

I have NO idea of how many projects there are.... a bit afraid of trying to

make that list, but might be a good idea. Maybe next week - I have a shelf

I want to clear off and use for sorting / stacking my fabrics on. Need to

prewash a bunch more yet, iron and fold. I do have 3 hand work projects

that I am currently trying to finish, one little wall hanging that needs

binding, 1 top needing quilting (after I finish piecing the backing!) and then

some various items I want to Re-quilt!!! Yes, I'm sure there are UFO's out

there too, just not sure where or what they are anymore!! :D

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