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hopping foot realignment

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I don't think realigning will help. That only raises and lowers the foot. Call Amy.

I imagine she will recommend you straightening the bottom of the foot by prying/forcing the front of the foot up a smidge. I wouldn't even know what to recommend using to accomplish this, so definitely call the office to get some advise.

Has it been working OK with the foot like this? If so, don't worry about it until you can talk to Amy. Or you can adjust the foot so it's correct at the front. Make sure you can make nice stitches that way.

APQS is closed until Monday so I hope you can get it to work.

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i just did this....maybe i can save you a phone call.

here is a copy/paste from the email amy sent me.

My concern is that the ring at the bottom of the hopping foot may be tilted off of level – it can happen if you accidentally hit a ruler, or sometimes going over a very thick seam. If the business card fits under the back side of the foot, but not under the front side, you can straighten it out using a small screwdriver – put the screwdriver through the ring with the tip under the ‘low’ side, and gently pry it up by pushing the screwdriver handle down on the ‘high’ side of the foot. You can make slight adjustments fairly easily without being concerned about the weld holding the foot together.

good luck!

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