Bobbin thread question

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Hi katquilter. Welcome! 

You should be fine with a lighter bobbin weight.  I like to use a 50 in the bobbin when using 30 or 40 on top, but 60 should work out too.  You can also use the same thread top and bottom.  It always comes down to how you want the back to look, and how many bobbins you want to fill...

Pre-wound work GREAT with George.


The ONLY thread issues I've had are with King Tut.  I don't know why.  Can't explain it.  But my George hates King Tut. 


Everything else I've ever used has worked great.  I've even been brave enough (with the encouragement of Mrs.A in Tucson, my friend Nancy) to quilt with Invisifil, 100 weight polyester thread, similar to a fine silk weight. It worked!


You will learn to work with your tension as you try different threads. Have fun!



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I'm not a George owner but as I understand it he can use all the same threads our milli's can use.  I use BottomLine and Filtec's magna classics almost exclusively for my bobbin thread.  I was going to suggest Nancy, Mrs. A, she does fabulous work on her George!

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