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Lenni and I are having a blast playing with fabric scraps and different types of thread, but here's a question for you experts:


I am fairly adept at drawing teeny tiny circles and feathers, etc with my Ultimate II; but the stitches end up being teeny tiny also. That was the problem.  So, with Lenni I get beautiful stitches, but I don't seem to have the control I have with my old machine. I realize there is a learning curve, but I didn't expect it to be this hard.  I did try with the stitch regulator off, and while I had pretty pebbles, I ended up with teeny, tiny stitches again.  What is the secret to small back fill designs and the stitch regulator?  Do I just need more practice?  Should I loosen the wheels or loosen the fabric or turn down the rabbit, or what?

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Well, with S/R off...you have two choices.  You can either speed up your movement of the machine to get the size stitches you want, or slow down the speed of the machine to match your slower movement.  It does take practice, and you rather have to know where your are headed...meaning you don't get to hesitate and think it over or you are going to get the tiny stitches.  Practice making your movements smooth and keeping the speed at which you move the machine consistent. 


On S/R mode, you have to practice keeping your speed consistent as well.  If you don't, you will get that choppy feeling and may have less perfect pebbles.  You have to move rather quickly to keep the machine flowing along. 


Its a matter of practice either way. You'll find the combination that works for you if you keep at it.

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