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Random loops on the bottom of the quilt

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I'm having a problem with random loops on the bottom of my quilt.  I don't understand what is happening all of a sudden.  I have quilted about 50 quilts with my Nolting 23".  It has a stitch regulator.  I just started doing customer quilts and of course this new problem has started.  I have used the same Maxilock thread.  I have been using the same color on top and bottom.  I decided to use the customer's Signature thread as she wished.  The tension was all messed up and threw tons of loops on the bottom of the quilt.  I adjusted and adjusted and adjusted the top tension knob.  Suddenly I realized that the cord from my laser pointer was touching the spool of thread and was the culprit.  Now I can't get the tension quite right.  I have done three charity quilts as practice to get the tension correct.  The machine is still throwing little knots on the bottom at random.  I am pretty sure it is doing it when I slow down, but I'm still not sure.   Here are the pictures on my blog:


Thanks for any suggestions you may have.







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The experts will eventually chime in here!

But this is good reading about tension:  http://www.apqs.com/adjust-tension/

Where it's intermittent, my guess is it's the thread path(s) probably the bobbin - clean everything for lint or small pieces of thread (the bobbin case too) re-thread making sure there are no burrs and that everything goes between the tension disks where it should, then adjust your tension (see article).

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