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CQ3 6.0


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They have had some major health issues at CQ in the past couple of months.  Please be patient with them.  I talked to Butch several weeks ago and they are doing their best to catch up on everything.  It was very unfortunate that both of the two main people had to have these major issues at nearly the same time.  It really put a "kink" in their operation but they are working hard to take care of everyone.

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Should update you on the CQ3.

Got it all installed.

And even with Jim's help was unable to get it to work.

So Jim took off as much as needed to be removed, and put my old hardware back on.

And am up and running, with the cable system.

So now I have a CQ3, that is just sitting back in the boxes it came in.

The problem was in the gray box that is attached to the side of the table.

One cable connection is not fuctioning correctly.


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