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When I took my machine to the factory for maintenance a year ago, they were able to cap the area that the grease comes out of.

No more grease.

I would think you can order the cap and I believe they just attached in with a sealant of some kind.

Kari Schell

Brooklyn Park, MN


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Hi Donna,

If you e-mail me your address, I will send you a black cap to put on the little shaft down there. You need to clean around it with Lacquer thinner and then super glue the cap on.. I will also send some grease to re-pack the gear box...

What happens is, if you get an air pocket in the gear box (not your fault) then the grease has to have some where to go and it will come out there..

In order to re-pack the gear box, the machine will have to come of the table and be flipped upside down.. ( It's not as bad as your probably thinking! LOL )

You will need a small tube of 100% silicone household glue to re-seal the plate back on!!

I can walk you through it once you get all the stuff and are ready to do it!!

Connie Hurst

APQS Service


800-426-7233 ext.6

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Thanks John, I will get in touch sometime in the next week or so, might be right after Christmas. Just getting the last of Christmas deadline quilts done today and have to get some shopping done for my family. It's getting noisier so I know it needs to be done soon. jeri

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