Statler stitcher and APQS Millie

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I see no posts in the Statler section. I met a lady this weekend who said she has been learning thru the school of hard knocks. She had previously used a machine with a statler stitcher. She has bought a Millie a couple years ago, but hasn't been able to find an answer as to wether you could add it to a Millie. Living in Wyoming and we are isolated and she felt alone. I told her after the first of the year I would drive to her and spend the day with her. Then she could come play at my house, she didn't know a lot of things were available.

She was asking about statler as she knew how to use it. Any information or where to get information would be appreciated.

She bought directly from the factory so had no rep to help her and didn't know anyone close. Now in Wyoming a 2 hour drive is close and that is how far from me she is.



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It is my understanding that in order to add the Statler to the Millie, she will have to send the Millie to the Statler people and they will have to change all the workings of our wonderful machines. In my opinion she would be better off to look into the Quilt Path or IQ. I would never want to change my Millie. My suggestion to this person is to contact Statler directly and ask them what they would have to do.

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I'm pretty sure that Statler announced they wouldn't be adding Statler's to APQS machines any longer. A quick call to them would certainly clear up the confusion. And let us know what they say. I'm working from memory here about that so I could be totally wrong but I'm almost positive I was told that within the last 6 months.

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I asked about this a few years ago, and when I found out that my Ultimate I would have to go to the factory and be changed out to make it 'like a Gammill' the cost of that changeover (I'm thinking it was in the range of $6,000) made my decision to go with IQ. I've had my IQ for 3 years now, and while I liked the idea of having the statler and a friend close by that I could use as a resource, I'm very happy with my decision to purchase IQ.

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