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I am moving and would like to keep my existing customers and do business via mail/UPS/Fedex.  However, I am concerned that these groups may only reimburse the value of the materials and not the labor that went into the piecing and quilting.  I plan on insuring the quilt when shipping it back, but I don't want to be responsible if something goes wrong in shipping.  Does anyone have a policy that they explain to customers their limited liability before shipping quilts back and forth?  





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Isn't that a horrible thought, that a quilt could be lost or damaged in transit? But we've all heard the horror stories.


Let your customers know that it's their decision as to whether they insure and for how much. The liability is theirs and they will have to prove the value of the quilt if they need to file a claim. Full shipping (back) charges and any insurance should be the responsibility of the customer. That amount is added to the invoice and all charges fully paid before the quilt is shipped back. Check with the post office and shippers since some are insured at a minimum amount without added insurance costs. I think the sticking point is valuing the quilt. Obviously the value of your labor is fully proved by your invoice. But insurance should cover "replacement", so if a quilt is lost it's best to take some photos before you send it back to prove what it was. Remind your customers to never put "quilt" anywhere on the package. If they must identify it, it's "bedding". That's too tempting for sticky-fingered people. :blink:

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Most of my business is from customers across the country and almost all quilts are shipped.  I usually ship USPS priority and it has a minimum of $50 insurance included.  I would say a very small percentage of my clients actually pay for additional insurance, but it's not very expensive to insure for the full value of the quilt and I recommend it.  On the same token you must keep the receipt (I do always for tax purposes anyhow) in the case it is lost or damaged so they can present a claim.  But in the paperwork I give to all new customers it explains that I am not responsible for items once they are in the care of the Post Office and it is up to them to insure it and follow up with the post office in the chance case it is lost.


That said - I have had little to zero issues (knock on wood) and though there is always a risk (just as there is a risk of damage while in my home or yours or anywhere else you send a quilt) - at the same time, now with most packages having tracking there are far fewer losses and incidents than in the past.

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oh...this brings to mind  of a friend of mine from FL who sent two heavily appliqued quilts up to MI for quilting and the quilter never got them.  They have never been seen again either.  One would have been bad enough, but to have both gone missing. We are talking a couple years worth of work here.   Now, she no longer sends her quilts up to MI to her favorite quilter.  She had to find someone in FL.  This is so sad, but  it happens and I would do anything and everything I could do to protect any quilt that I send out anywhere.    

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