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  1. Does APQS carry a bar that can be attached to the framework of the Millie frame that I can store batting on? ….or is that something that is an after market thing that needs to be purchased elsewhere?
  2. Oh, I feel for you. I hope shaving it helps enough so that you can hardly see the bearding.
  3. I think if you pull your threads to the top, hold them for a second or two when you take your first stitches, then take 2-8 stiches backward and then forward, you won't have any nesting problems on the back. You will be able to tell from the top if you are taking too many stitches from the build up of threads too. Go with what looks pleasing.
  4. What about a silvery gray thread that would cover the whole quilt? Of course, it would help to see the quilt for us to make a better suggestion.
  5. I have leader grips that I use to attach the quilt back (hated having to pin huge quilts onto the frame). Leader grips, also, has side strips that clamp on to the quilt so that you get a good four-way stabilization. To lift the clamps on the side, I just stick a heavy duty yard stick under them. They work out great. Most definitely I would suggest buying the ruler base (Hartley) for the APQS machines if you are going to do any ruler work at all. I wouldn't go crazy on buying a bunch of gadgets until you start working with your machine and getting to know it. You're going to love Lenni.
  6. Is Flickr now charging? I have an account with them and have not been charged.
  7. If what APQS said still isn't working for you, please call them back. I am sure they have other suggestions. Let us know, too, what your solution is.
  8. Thank you Libby. I worked with her trying to figure out if we were on the same page when it came to "minimal", "simple" quilting. That means different things to each of us. I think her main goal was not to have too much quilting on her applique. I agree, McTavishing isn't what I would consider minimal quilting, but then what is on a quilt like this?
  9. Just finished this quilt for a customer who wanted minimal quilting on it as it is "folk art". She chose McTavishing for the background, so I did just enough stitching on the qpplique to hold it down. I had to work on this quilt in the dark with a side light just so that I could see where I was going and where I had been using So Fine Pearl on top and Cream Fil-Tec on the bottom.
  10. That's going to be one lucky baby boy!
  11. Feel for a switch right behind your LED lights, you can either turn off the lights, turn it on, or turn it to black light. What year is your Lucey? The website says the black light is on ALL new machines.
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