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For Sale 2009 Millie on a 10 foot table

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I want to sell my 2009 Millie she is on a 10 foot table she has all of the bells and whistles. I just lost my husband on Feb 21st and I have to think of a way to stay in our home. I have a lot of CL boards and the CL system, R&S boards, Pantos. It also has a over head lighting system, quilt glide, fabric advance stitch regulator, lazor lights. Price $14,500.00 OBO for everything. Who ever buys it will have to take it apart and pick it up at my house in Ohio. I love this machine it sews a beautiful stitch and it runs so nice. I hate to part with it but I just have to. You can call me also if interested at 330-927-0101.

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Hello Marti!

I had a couple questions about the machine and frame, if you don't mind.  Did you purchase it new or pre owned?  How much use does it have?  Has it had routine maintenance? What would you be asking for the machine and frame alone?  About where in Ohio are you located?  I live in the Akron Canton area.

I am so sorry for your loss.  Hope you are doing OK.

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