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  1. Here is a link for a support system for the Butler QuiltEZ
  2. Try sending her an email - she has it listed at the bottom of the post.
  3. I just took my Millie and her 12' table apart to move. It's being stored at the moment till next house is ready. I took her off the table, placed her in her original carton. I have a Bliss table, so I put protective foam over those "rails" so they won't get scratched, dented, etc. I used pipe wrap that just fit the diameter of the Bliss rails - didn't tape them, just fit them over. Wrapped the rollers in muslin and secured. I also carefully wrapped the carriage since it has some of the electronic parts attached. Of course took pix of everything so I can put her back together in a month. You can do this - and it helps to have a second person to help carry those long parts.
  4. Norma H

    Looking for a pattern

    What are the colors of the fabrics? Is there a panel as part of the kit? Here's one titled Follow Your Heart with Moda fabrics.
  5. And of course I recently renewed my subscription !
  6. How fun David. Makes me want to get a camper and go wandering . . .hmmm A couple of years ago I read an article about a quilting instructor who bought a large RV and put her Millie in it. Was traveling across the country teaching, and decided "why not?" Always had some place to stay when she spent a few days teaching at a guild, etc.
  7. Go to the APQS website - There are six APQS dealers in Texas, the closest are Austin and Houston. There's a link to the home page at the top of the forum as well. Welcome to the APQS family of quilters. You'll find lots of support from APQS and from the quilters here on the forum.
  8. Oh what memories! I've been to shows with "bed turning", and they're always so interesting - the stories the quilts tell. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Norma H

    APQS Ultimate II not for sale

    Quilt EZ Perfect Stitch which is their stitch regulator One of my friends just had it installed on her Ultimate I. She's here in Iowa, the Repr is in Kansas City area. I'm sure there are other Reprs in other areas/states.
  10. Make sure the mounting is secure and tight. I had my motor loosen up and nearly fall off the shaft one time. I make sure I check to make sure the rubber teeth are tight when I check all the nuts and bolts during complete cleaning maintenance times.
  11. Norma H

    My studio is getting a facelift

    Getting it ready for the new Millie, huh
  12. Probably used the thicker walled PVC pipe. I noticed that the "foot" portion is a bit longer/wider than the diameter of the roll of batting - would ensure the whole thing doesn't tip over. As Connie says - "genius" idea.
  13. Norma H

    Cross for Comfort

    Beautiful Eric. May the quilt give your daughter much comfort during her healing.
  14. Check with a Babylock dealer for the correct price - a new one used to cost arount $15,000.00!   Perhaps you meant $11,000??

  15. The Mountain Top Quilting website shows it under their piecing patterns. Is that the shop you found the kit?