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Noises in new Lucey


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I am a new Lucey owner working on my 4th small baby quilt.  My machine is very loud from 2 different issues (? I think).


1.  First noise is a loud rattling from the back.  I spoke with APQS earlier in the week and she talked me through some steps that helped a bit and I received some pads from them in the mail today.  It is the top and back cover vibrating against each other.  I think I can get that fixed, but it is discouraging.  It is extremely loud and vibrates when the rattling starts.


2.  The second, and most worrisome noise just started on this quilt.  It is a higher pitched whirring/growling noise that comes and goes (I think when I change speeds a bit).  I am in SR mode.  I turned off SR and the sound is constant then.   Any idea what it is or why it just started?  I don't want to damage anything.


Thanks for any help.  Of course I did not start this quilt until after 5:00 and was hoping to work on it this weekend.


I have cleaned and oiled the wicks and bobbin area.  

I did put in a new needle for the first time.

I am using a bobbin that I wound this time.  The other quilts I used a Glide magna bobbin.  I have one case for the magna bobbins (no spring) and one for other bobbins with the spring.  I have checked the spring and even tried another bobbin case (both with springs).


I have tried both prewound magna bobbin (no spring) and a bobbin I wound (with spring).  It makes the sound with both.

I have reread the instructions and can't figure this out.

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Thanks, Laura.  I did put another drop of oil there when the noise started but that has not seemed to make a difference.  


Despite the noise, the stitches are beautiful!!  I know I will love Lucey once I can get these noises quieted.  I am learning so much and still have SO MUCH more to learn.



I now have the bobbin out and have been testing the machine.  In manual mode it sounds ok until I get the speed to 10 or higher. In SR mode it makes the sound off and on at ANY # on the dial.


It sounds like the whirring sound is coming from the back area where the bird symbol is on the machine.

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I just got a Lucey too - APQS set it up for me bc I am close enough delivery vs shipping was the same.  They put little pads (like cupboard door dots) all over beneath that pants table and what it sits on to keep it from bouncing & making noise.  He gave me extra too.


No idea on the second other than a good cleaning in the bobbin area & all wicking points.

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