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compuquilter issues


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hi I'm having trouble with our compuquilter it will not jog to the position I want it to go .

It keeps coming up with a error box the needle is not in the up position, we tryed to row the wheel and the needle is up and the machine goes crazy and runs by itself.please help if you can.

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Hi Quiltinglady 63

I think you have three problems here.

Do you mean the CQ will not jog the number of inches you tell it to or do you mean it won't jog at all.

If it won't jog at all make sure the num lock light is on and don't click on jog on the screen just use the keyboard number keys to move the number of inches on the screen.

If the "needle not in the up position" message comes on it can be two things, the quilting machine needle positioner is out a bit or, you need to adjust the settings in the CQ system set up page. Turn your machine on, and let it run for 5 minutes by itself and if the needle positioner is really slow when you press it, then its a milli adjustment. Check in with Stan for the system set up page adjustment.

If you don't want to mess with any of that just now, just hit enter on the keyboard when that message comes up and you can carry on stitching.

Don't try to get the needle in the up position by hand, its really hard to find the right spot.

If the machine runs when you don't expect it to, especially if thats when you first turn it on make sure you turn it off in the exact order the screeen tells you to and then turn it on in that order. I always wait until I see the Set-up page in Compuquilter before I turn on the machine and set the run/stop. Another time the machine might seem to run by itself is if you accidentally brush against one of the handle buttons. I usually have my handles in the fully up position and this doesn't happen. If all else fails, turn of everything in the correct order. Unplug the machine and computer from the power and wait three minutes then start again.

Good luck. Do you know about the sd-stitches chat forum, Stan and Dee Dee run it and they are always reading it to help with problems.

Best wishes

sue in Australia

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If the needle is in the up position click OK and continue. If the needle is truely in the up position lights 3 and 5 on the left bank (Millie) will be lit. If it is in the up position you may need to speed up the needle up/down adjust the screw #8 CCW or you may need to change the time the CQ waits to check the needle up on the setup screen.


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We use a flash drive on our main office computer to download the latest information. This is then taken to the CQ computer and loaded. These can be purchased a almost any store that handles computers. You can get a flash drive/stick with plenty of memory for this purpose without spending much!

Stan HIGHLY recomends that you NOT connect your CQ computer to the internet OR add any other programs to that computer. It needs to be kept ONLY for using your CompuQuilter programs!

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Hey John... My needle say the same thing.. I usually adust it to both lights being light up and then it works. It seems to be less and less.

I ran into another issue recently... I went to wind a bobbin to not find my bobbin winder on the side of the machine. I call Jim Caldenberg, he said he didnt't remember taking if off.. but I am sure it is not on there anymore.

Barb Wetzel

Ivy Corner Quilting..

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