How should i deal with this?

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Give me some help here. This is a top i inherited. My mom bought it. All the blocks look like this as far as seams going every which way. I haven't quilted one this irregular before. Maybe a seam here and there but not this. I think SID will be a nightmare. Maybe just around the block?  Will the seams show?  My questions just go on and on. Have any of you encountered something like this and what did you do?  The pieces are machine stitched and it is a beautiful  9 patch made with love probably 50 years ago at least. 


Judy Day

Love My Georgia  (aka George)

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Awww...that will quilt out...lol.  Don't look at the back.  Give it a quick pressing...load it on the machine and do some all over quilting.  It will look fine.  Show after pics.


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I have done some charity quilts like that.  I just starched the crap out of the top and bottom and then SIDed with invisible threat side stepping in the cross ditch to line the miss pieced seam to get to the other side.  Then use a curved all over or curved block design to take your eye away from the kinda straight pieced lines.  Let us see it when it is done.  I am sure it is going to turn out great.


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