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this is 108" square


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I've made this but added 2 more colors, which is 4 more rows all around....so it's big! I'm looking for suggestions for finding a 1 piece large backing. I'm having a problem finding something over 108"....I need at least 112" I think.

aaaaannnnnddddd, quilting ideas are always welcome! mine is black and gray(backgrnd). I'm mulling with the black quilted separately from the gray, and the gray background creating something else behind the black. should be easy as it's 4 of the same quadrants. stock pic attached. each strip is 3". I have no problem doing freehand/rulers. I think I prefer it because it seems faster to me, I am so impatient for that end result. I have quilt path, just haven't cracked it, really.



time warp.jpg

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