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Top Thread Repeatedly Shredding and Breaking

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The more info you can give us the better for someone to help you.  How old is the machine or how many quilts have been done on it?  Have you run this combination before successfully or is this the first time?  Are you having the problem stitch regulated or manual,  computerized or hand guided?

Now both of our machines are old so the first thing we check when top thread shreds and breaks is the pig tail guides.  Grab the thread above and below each guide and drag it around the inside of the guide and see if you can feel it catch where it might be wearing a groove into the guide.  If you feel the groove loosen the screw and rotate the guide so it is upside down and tighten the screw back up.  That will last for months and you can order some new guides.  (Get extras as that is the most common wear item).  The check spring can also get a groove worn into it but that usually takes a number of years of good use.


Let us know how you make out.


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Glad you got it fixed.  I used Glide and Glide Delites all the time.  You are right very little problems and beautiful stitches.  Just a little food for thought.  When I started quilting, I was told to use a new needle for each quilt.  As stated above the pigtails will groove over time.  I've had my thread catch on the screw holding the pigtails too.  That one was hard to find.  Have fun.

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