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New Lenni


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So at the end of April I sent off my Ultimate II as trade in on a new Lenni. I’ve done some practice pieces but finally loaded one of my quilt tops on it. I started off with black thread and a pantograph but the thread looked awful and my laser pointer kept moving so my stitches kept running off the top. I tore it all out and decided to brave the monofilament thread. It actually turned out pretty good! I just did a loopy meander and I managed to get my tension pretty good. I couldn’t get the thread net to stay on the thread. It kept working its way up and spinning around. At any rate this is my first quilt on Lenni and the back is pieced too.



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i used Superior Thread MonoPoly. It worked great. I was really nervous about using it as well but it was fairly easy. I loosened my top tension quite a bit but not the bobbin and at least for this quilt it was fine. 


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