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Did not tighten needle enough - now it is stuck

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I can’t believe I did this !    I had one row left to quilt but needed to change the needle.     I got the new needle in but did not tighten it enough - with the screwdriver and you guessed it.   The needle dropped out, is jammed and I believe I blew a fuse.    I have had Millie since the end of March and this was my 11th quilt.   I am taking my new owner class this coming Saturday.     

I have tried pulling the needle up out of the quilt with needle nose pliers but can get it out.

Any help would be appreciated ! 

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Did you get any responses that were helpful?  I have done the same thing.  I've tried rocking flywheel and it only moves about 1/8".  Sent a message to service and support yesterday after and have not received a response.  I blew both fuses and have replaced them.  I'm afraid to turn the machine on in fear I will blow the fuses again.  I've order fuses and should receive them in a couple of days.  


Any help would be appreciated.

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I was able to remove the needle, but now I think I have a timing problem.  When taking the needle down using the flywheel and going a full cycle there is a place it comes down on part of the hook assembly.  Wish I could view a video of the full cycle with the needle and hook assembly.  


Thank you for your feedback.

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