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I am having problems with my bobbins warping.  I am only using the ones sold at Viking dealers.  December 2017 I took my machine to a service tech because I couldn’t figure out why I was having such problems with tention all of a sudden.   I was able to get the bottom thread pulled up but then when I started to quilt it would just just lock up.    The tech said there was nothing wrong with the machine itself and that my bobbin was warped!   He did some minor adjustments.   He said he didn’t know why they sold these aluminum bobbins.   Of course, I know why they want you to keep buying them.   Anyway, it is happening more frequently lately.    Are there any other bobbins I can use in this machine that work?   The one time I bought another m class bobbin, it was slightly different size and I was afraid to use so I took them back.    I am very frustrated at this point.    Could it be some adjustment I need to make on the thread winder?   That is another story all together because the parts that screw into the base are stripped and so now I have to use a screwdriver to hold the thread with one hand and try to wrap and hold the thread around bobbin to get it started.   By the way, I have had this machine since about 2016 and use it quite often.  I do like the machine itself.  

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