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2005 Millie table

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Have you tried cleaning your table with alcohol or windex (no ammonia type)?  Clean  your wheels also, check for hidden threads in and around the wheels.  I'm trying to visualize where your problem is?

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I have checked the table and it’s totally level and rails are straight as well. The rails and wheels are squeaky clean. Though I have always used rubbing alcohol on the rails only in desperation I also cleaned the wheels and there was a ton of black oxidation. My man is a mechanic and brought me cleaner and polisher for the rails and I was amazed at how much more came off


I have M&M wheels...I replaced mine when they first came out....I had a defective batch so they were replaced with another set. It’s been suggested that I try flipping the wheels to see if that helps. We will try that today...


I am trying to decide if it’s maybe time to invest the bliss system. 

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