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Top thread breaking

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I broke a needle and started getting the top thread poking through to the backing.  I found and buffed out a couple of burrs on the hook and the needle plate.  Now I have a good stitch with good tension but the top thread breaks after 5 to 10 inches of stitching.  Help!  I have buffed everywhere I can think of to buff.  The bobbin thread tightens before the top thread breaks.  Could this be a timing issue.  I have had the Lenni about 18 months.  I am using Signature cotton thread top and bottom.  I have replaced the needle.  I use an 18 needle.






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I don't know how you broke your needle.  If you banged it on a ruler, you may have changed the needle bar height, and that could be causing your problem.  Review the timing instructions, and then compare how your machine looks to that in the instructions.  Timing is a bit of a hassle, but you need to master it if you want problem free quilting.  Good luck.  Jim 

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You haven't told us anything about the tension settings you're using.  I typically run pretty tight stitches on my machines, and have had thread breakage problems when using Glide.  Others here run it all the time with no apparent issues.

If it's not tension, check your thread guides for wear (probably not the problem since your Millie is new).  Then check your timing, especially needle bar height adjustment.   If all these check out OK, look at your threading of the machine.  You may need to reduce the number of holes you use on your pre-tension bar.  Also check your hopping foot height adjustment.  Good luck.  Jim

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